Best Dishwashers Australia

Best Dishwashers Australia – Top 7 Brands

The last thing you want to do after a big meal is to scrub the dishes. So, having one of the best dishwashers Australia to help out is an effective solution that can be just as pleasing as the food on the plate.

So, where do you head to in your search for the best dishwasher you can buy?

It seems dishwashers are a mystery, as everyone is left asking the question of what a great ‘good’ dishwasher is.

Let’s get into the best dishwashers Australia brands


Best Dishwashers Australia – Top 7 Brands


Miele - Best Dishwashers Australia

Searching for that perfect dishwasher that will not only look good in your kitchen but also do its job quickly and effectively?

Miele dishwashers are just what you need. These dishwashers are modelled to fit in perfectly with any aesthetic in any home and suit your cleaning needs.

Whether you need adequate dishes tidied up for your whole family or just for yourself, Miele have you covered!

With simple, clear controls and a beautiful look, Miele’s range of dishwashers permits for a smooth and easy installation in any kitchen environment.

Having such a prestigious reputation and with their impeccable quality, this iconic German brand for household gadgets is more than just an outstanding investment. It will change your life!



Expanding on the colourful rainbow of countries added in this report, LG is a South Korean electronics giant, recognized for feature-rich appliances, from TVs to mobile phones, to dishwashers and washing machines.

Some of LG’s dishwashers have ‘Smart Diagnosis’, to troubleshoot problems using the LG ThinQ app and your Smartphone.

You can also anticipate some models to have ‘QuadWash’, which is claimed to help clean dishes from numerous angles and ‘TrueSteam’ to blast away persistent grime.

Most models also have the smart racks feature, which has many modifiable elements to suit the vast variety of dishes and glasses the typical Aussie household uses.

Prices for LG dishwashers usually begin at around $1,199, but you can anticipate paying a little more for the most high-end models, up to $1,900.


ASKO - Best Dishwashers Australia

If what you need is a device that adds a modern twist to your home, look no further than Asko.

As a uniquely Swedish brand, Asko appliances incorporate sleek, minimalistic designs with fittingly quality manufacturing, which both exhibits regard for the environment and your home.

With the guarantee to meet your cleaning needs, lifestyle, and home design, Asko strives to make your home better than ever by giving you the time you need to get more crucial things done while Asko deals with the dishes.

Making yet another commitment of long-lasting quality and service, Asko products are capable of being an excellent choice to add to anyone’s home.



As Europe’s hugest manufacturing business for household appliances, Bosch has become a household name that is equivalent to a promise of quality that you can trust.

With a wide choice of quality, beautifully designed dishwashers, Bosch can be easily brought into your home in many vibrant ways that will make your home even more comfortable.

If an easy to use, next to the perfect product is what you are after, then trust Bosch to provide it. Their design and quality of manufacturing are second to none when it comes to making sure you get what you need.


Dishlex - Best Dishwashers Australia

Dishlex is another one of the best dishwashers Australia brands.

Introducing you and your home with a diverse and unique fitting addition to your kitchen, Dishlex strives to make sure you not only enjoy but that you experience their products.

Dishlex bolsters the idea that offering you a dishwasher you can trust for a long-lasting, high-quality run is simply paramount.

As one of the biggest brand leaders in dishwashing, Dishlex products are well-known for their reliability, outstanding functionality and absolutely incredible value.

It goes without question that you need – or rather, deserve – a dishwasher that offers a perfect mix of straightforward controls and stunning modern designs that compliment your home in a fashionable and flattering manner.

For a dishwasher unlike any other, remember the name ‘Dishlex’!

Fisher and Paykel

Fisher and Paykel

As a proudly New-Zealander business that holds true to its business morals, Fisher and Paykel provide customers with something that will prove even the most glamorous homes will need.

Fisher and Paykel have only one objective in mind when it comes to offering quality household products: “to improve everyday life through innovative design.”

Whatever your cleaning needs, this business vows to deliver a dishwasher that will streamline your life and revamp your home with their cutting-edge collection that always exhibits a harmony of efficiency, quality, and style.

Not only do Fisher and Paykel have one of the best dishwashers on the Australian market, but they also offer one of the best fridges as well.

So, if you are considering a full kitchen upgrade, Fisher and Paykel is likely your best bet.


Westinghouse - Best Dishwashers Australia

Born out of the USA, Westinghouse is also now an Electrolux-owned organization and produces all kinds of home appliances, including dishwashers.

Westinghouse majors in freestanding dishwashers, with the cheapest models sitting close to the $800 mark, while the most expensive will take you back $1,099.

In terms of size, Westinghouse conforms to the standard 60cm-wide unit with 15 place settings.

Common features include super-fast wash cycles, cycle sensors to help with water efficiency, hygiene and water safety systems, as well as adjustable rack solutions.

Many models boast WELS ratings higher than 4.5 stars, with some devouring less than 13L per cycle.


Frequently Asked Questions on “Best Dishwashers Australia”

How do I Get the Most Out of My Dishwasher?

  1. Do use a good detergent. Your dishwasher is only as good as the detergent you put in it.
  2. Don’t place the filthiest items in the nooks of the baskets as they’re less likely to be cleaned properly.
  3. Do check that the spray arm won’t be obstructed during the cycle – it needs to move freely to wash out the dishes.
  4. Don’t pre-rinse – just scrape and go. Dishwashers have evolved greatly and are now built so you don’t need to rinse before you wash. If you keep pre-rinsing, you’re washing the savings from owning a dishwasher down the drain, so to speak.
  5. Do deep clean your dishwasher. Giving it some love will enhance performance and lessen that dirty dishwasher smell.
  6. Don’t put anything wooden in your dishwasher. It’s not a good idea because they’ll fall apart from the detergent.

How does a Dishwasher know how dirty the dishes are?

Dishwashers with an auto mode have a device called a turbidity sensor.

This sensor assesses the amount of soil included in the first rinse cycle to deduce how dirty your plates are, then modifies the wash program consequently.

That’s why shouldn’t pre-rinse your plates – with lesser food particles in the rinse water, your dishwasher can infer your plates are cleaner than they actually are, so it won’t wash them as well as they should.

How often should you run the Dishwasher?

Dishwashers love to be run.

Leaving a dishwasher unused for a long time can cause seals and hoses to dry out and crack, and grease and dirt to harden and obstruct the delicate pipes inside.

You may also incur an insect infestation, so you should run your dishwasher as regularly as possible – not to mention using a dishwasher over hand-washing will save you time and money too.

That said, for best efficiency, it’s a promising idea to wait until your dishwasher’s full before running it

Though of course if its contents are starting to smell unpleasant, then it’s definitely time to turn it on.

Will a Dishwasher sterilise baby bottles?

Dishwashers are great for cleaning baby bottles and dummies, but there’s a distinction between cleaning and sterilising.

If your dishwasher doesn’t have a sanitise or steam setting then you’ll also need a separate way to sterilize the baby bottles after you’ve washed them, especially for the first three months of your baby’s life if it’s premature or immuno-compromised.

To wash your baby’s bottles, completely take them apart, separating all parts (nipples, rings, caps, etc.), rinse them under running water and arrange them in the dishwasher (small parts should be placed into a mesh laundry bag so they don’t get lost), and run a hot cycle.

Ensure you wash your hands with soap and water before discarding them from the dishwasher and enable the parts to air dry – tea towels are vectors for all sorts of germs – before putting them away.


In Summary

With all the daily chores and tasks that life requires, taking away the need to slave over a sink and clean that leftovers from the plate should be a thing of the past when you decide to invest in one of the best dishwashers Australia.

Get your hands on one of the amazing products from the amazing brands featured in this post and you will soon see your life and home gain an undeniable sense of relaxation and ease.

Don’t come home to dirty dishes ever again and certainly don’t let yourself wake up to a chaotic kitchen.

Deciding to invest in one of these hi-tech machines will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Ensure you check out the websites of the dishwasher brands in Australia covered in this post to get more info on their amazing dishwashers.

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