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Sun Resistant tarps shield you from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Sun-resistant tarps are available in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and weights and have a variety of applications.

No matter where you are: at home, on a building site, on a farm, or in a warehouse. Tarps of superior quality provide solid protection for boats, campers, vehicles, hay, and other valuables.

Anyone who spends more than 10 to 15 minutes outdoors should invest in sun protection tarps. Tarps give shade, which may help prevent the development of skin cancer.

Additionally, they increase the length of time you can spend outside on wet days. Before purchasing a tarp to cover a play area, deck, or patio, ensure that you get the appropriate sort of tarp.


Consider the Following When Choosing a Sun Resistant Tarp

Consider the purpose of your sunshade. You want it to be completely waterproof, not just water-resistant. You’re concerned about its longevity.

You may want to avoid the harsh chemical odor associated with a vinyl or plastic tarp. You may want to ensure that your tarp is resistant to the sun’s powerful beams.

Are you fortunate enough to live in an area where rainy days are as often as sunny ones? Or do you live in a climate where it seldom rains? This will affect your choice, since water-resistant tarps may not withstand strong rains.

If spring weather suddenly shifts from 80 degrees Fahrenheit to snowy and ice the next day, you’ll need a tarp that can withstand abrupt temperature fluctuations.

Tarps often have a weight rating. This is the weight per yard. If the tarp states that it weighs ten ounces, it indicates that one yard of this tarp weighs ten ounces.

This is critical for determining the weight capacity of your pergola or structure.

Create a checklist of the most critical qualities and compare them to these finest tarps for sunshades possibilities.


Best Types of Tarps for Sun Protection:


Canvas Tarps

Canvas tarps are popular for outdoor use. While canvas tarps are not usually the greatest option for awnings due to the coating staining the goods underneath them, there is one canvas tarp worth considering.

Consider a fire retardant tarp if your outdoor area has a fire pit or patio heater. Although it is not waterproof, it has been sprayed with a flame retardant coating to assist prevent a fire.

It is only available in olive, thus there are no other colors available.


– Fire retardant
– Mildew and condensation resistant
– 16-ounce lightweight, breathable cotton


Vinyl-Coated Polyester

Tarps made of vinyl-coated polyester are strong and durable. Although the 18-ounce weight is resistant to wear and will not rip, it is the heaviest choice available.

Heat-sealed seams provide longevity. This tarp is waterproof, mildew resistant, and available in nine different colors.

Custom sizes and cut sizes ranging from 5′ x 7′ to 10′ x 20′ are available for these tarps. Since this is a vinyl tarp, it may have a chemical, plastic scent that fades with time.


– A good palette of colors
– Durability enhanced by increased thickness
– The tarp is protected against sun damage by a UV treatment.


Heavy-Duty Poly Tarps

Heavy-duty poly tarps, like canvas tarps, are simply water-resistant. Additionally, they resist mildew and are one of the lightest alternatives available at 6 ounces.

We added it since it is resistant to UV rays. Apart from being lighter than the other tarps we recommend for sun protection, the sun will not harm the tarp over time.

Another reason this tarp maybe your best option is its size. If you need to cover a bigger area, the maximum size of 30′ x 50′ is tempting.


– There are 12 sizes available, beginning with 8′ x 10′.
– It is lightweight and robust.
– Neutral silver color


Iron Horse Tarps

Iron Horse is a waterproof, twice-as-strong tarp as canvas tarps. The 15-ounce tarp has a dry finish and is available in seven colors, making it simple to coordinate with your plants or siding.

Along with custom customization, the tarp is available in cut sizes ranging from 5′ x 7′ to 30′ x 30′.


– No-odor finish
– Polyester that is breathable and waterproof
– Hems that are twice as thick will not shred or tear



Tips for Sunshade Installation:

1) Choosing a Sunshade Tarp

How do you install a sunshade tarp after you’ve picked the proper one? The simplest solution is to secure each corner of the tarp to a tree or post.

If you can do that, it’s simple to set up the tarp on a sunny day and remove it when it’s not required. You may not have enough trees nearby, in which case you would need to install some stakes.

2) Making a Post

If you utilize posts, you want to ensure that they are securely embedded in the ground and not in danger of collapsing.

This configuration may be the finest option if you want to cover a patio. Construct a pergola over the patio and cover it with a tarp when necessary for robust, permanent construction.

3) Construct a Pergola

A pergola is a sturdy structure that complements your landscape and house architecture.With some basic knowledge, assistance, and power tools, you can construct a pergola in a few days by following these instructions.

– For the corners, get four 6″ x 6″ posts (cedar or pressure-treated)
– Connect two 2′′ x 8′′ planks to the front and rear of two posts and repeat on the opposite side of the pergola.
– Purlins are made by notching eight or ten 2′′ x 6′′ boards about 10 inches from either end.
– Spacing the purlins evenly over the two pergola sides and hammering the notches over the 2′′ x 8′′ sides will create the ceiling framework.
– Stringers 2′′ x 4′′ attached to the purlins complete the pergola.

Post anchors are used to securing the pergola to your deck or patio. Screw the post anchors into the concrete or the structure of the deck. This step is critical if you want to avoid the frame blowing over on windy days.

4) Covering the Deck

What about a deck of cards? Installing hooks on the home’s exterior is one of the simplest methods to cover a deck. Outdoor-rated Command hooks avoid the need to drill or nail anything onto the exterior of the house. Secure posts to the front deck rail where the tarp stretches at the front of the deck.

Between the two front posts, a pressurized shower bar serves as a robust beam to which the tarp’s full edge is attached.

Is your tarp designed to keep the sun out all season? If this is the case, investing in a canopy tent structure is worthwhile. Choose one constructed of steel or aluminum that is simple to put up and takedown at the end of the season.

Using Precise Measurements

Sun blinds may be used to cover a portion of your deck or patio or the whole area. Make certain you have the right proportions before purchasing a UV-treated tarp. Measure again to verify that the lengths and widths of your area are equal.

Tarps are available in two sizes: cut size and completed size. After adding hems and seams to a cut-size tarp, many inches may be taken off each side. It becomes perplexing. To account for this disparity, you must add an inch to each of your measures.


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A sun-resistant tarp is a versatile cover that can be used for anything from the sun to a fully-loaded large rig. Unsurprisingly, they’re ubiquitous.

Therefore, all you need to do is choose the size you want and either purchase one or create one following the processes outlined above; there is quite a bit of diversity. Materials and construction may have a significant influence on the cost and lifespan of items.



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