Heavy Duty Waterproof Canvas Tarps – Where to buy

This article will put you through what you should know about Heavy Duty Waterproof Canvas Tarps so that you are better informed when the time comes to buying it.

We will discuss about the following:

  • What is a heavy duty canvas?
  • What are canvas tarps good for?
  • What you can use to waterproof canvas.

What’s a heavy-duty canvas?

The extremely heavy-duty plain-woven fabric is used for making items for which sturdiness is required. Some of these items include tents, marquees, backpacks, and sails.

Artists also utilize canvas for their artistic works which includes painting surfaces, typically stretched across a wooden frame, etc.

In the fashion world, it is also a useful material for making objects such as handbags and shoes.

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Are Heavy-Duty Waterproof Canvas Tarps Heavy?

Compared with other tarp covers, a canvas tarp is heavier than a poly tarp, having different protective qualities.

More also, canvas tarps can last longer than poly tarps with proper maintenance and storage.

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There are different grades

From light to Heavy-Duty Waterproof Canvas Tarps, canvas tarps come in various grades just as vinyl flatbed truck tarps.

Where loads can be exposed to harsh conditions, heavy-duty waterproof canvas tarps are ideal for industrial environments, including certain kinds of chemicals and extremes of either cold or hot.

The heavy-duty canvas tarp is out there for those who want it. However, it is usually not something the average trucker needs.

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Water-resistant and waterproof

There Is a difference as well as clear observation of canvas tarps’ inventory, this makes you notice that they are water-resistant.

The material is coated with wax after manufacture, to repel moisture.

However, you should note that the material is not 100% waterproof as it is by design.

Canvas has been a breathable material makes the whole point of using it.

Consider that it loses much of that breathability if it’s made waterproof. Perhaps, they can be specially ordered if you do need a waterproof canvas tarp.

Canvas is complementary to Vinyl

On the note of compares, it is important to note that canvas is intended to complement vinyl, and not to replace it.

In the case of covering any kind of load, it is required that the average flatbed trucker needs a complete selection of vinyl flatbed truck tarps.

Corresponding to the fact that Canvas is a material that is not suitable in all situations, it is always cool when you have a few canvas tarps onboard as per when you need them.

But for most work, one should maintain a larger selection of vinyl tarps.

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Heavy-duty waterproof canvas tarps requires a bit more care

Unlike vinyl, Canvas requires a bit more care. For truck tarps like Vinyl, Canvas is not the primary material choice.

On this note, it is important to note that every flatbed truck driver who wants to keep his/her vinyl tarps in good condition, doesn’t have to pamper them.

Vinyl is noticeable for its ability to withstand a lot of punishment.

However, Canvas is another matter. Canvas tan tarps are prone to mold growth alongside, they are easier to tear.

So, you need to be more deliberate about applying a canvas tarp as you don’t have to handle them with white gloves.

More also, before folding, be very careful while you make sure it’s completely dry.

Canvas is excellent for equipment loads

Sources had proven that the most common load hauled with a canvas tarp is often an equipment load.

For farm equipment, industrial equipment, hauling construction, and the like, Canvas is an ideal material for it.

You should also note that Canvas is also a flame-retardant. Where combustible materials are in proximity it’s a safer option in these environments.

However, in the toolbox, at least a few canvas flatbed truck tarps should be made available to every independent trucker.

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Types of Tarps

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Based on construction material and the intended purpose, Tarps can be divided into different types.
Tarps based on Construction Material

Based on material used to make a tarp, some of these traps are of the following types:

Mesh Tarps

This is of one of the heavy duty waterproof canvas tarps.

It is known to be a breathable material that enhances the passage of moisture, sunlight, and air.

Mesh tarps have double-stitched hems and are available in many colors and sizes.

Canvas Tarps

This is known to be a heavy and robust material. To establish a water-resistant layer, it is usually given a wax coating.

However, periodic recoating is required to maintain its water-resistant character.

Poly Tarps

This is made from polyethylene, known as a plastic material. it can be made from low-density forms or high-density forms.

A poly tarp that is light-duty has a lower poly coating, a lower mesh count, and is lighter in weight.

While a high-duty poly tarp has more poly coating, a higher mesh count, and is heavier in weight.

Vinyl Tarps

These are coated, laminated, or tempered poly tarps with vinyl.

Vinyl tarps are notable for their high strength and resistance to tearing.

Heavy-Duty Traps

These are tarps that are not meant for household purposes but are more commonly used in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

They are made from high-grade materials.

Tarps based on Specific Purposes

As we discussed above, to determine which purpose tarps will be most suited for, the specifications of a tarp can help.

However, here is a list of some tarps based on specific purposes:

  • UV Protected Tarps

They protect objects from the hazardous UV rays of the sun.

  • Flame Retardant Tarps

Treated with special chemicals, they are resistant and capable of slowing down fire.

  • Blue Tarps

These comes with reinforced edges and they are water-resistant, durable and affordable.

  • Black Mesh Tarps

For outdoor structures like patios, Black mesh tarps are ideally suited. Useful for protection of gardens and nurseries from wind, sun and frost.

  • Truck Tarps

These are used on flatbed trailers. They are waterproof heavy duty tarps.

  • Fence Tarps

Suitable for construction and other areas for privacy purpose.

  • Insulated Tarps

Insulated Tarps are made of polyurethane in the interior and manufactured using insulating materials on the outside.

However, these tarps are used to insulate areas from cold and heat.

  • Pool Tarps

Pool tarps are waterproof materials. However, they keep the pools clean. With Pool Tarps, debris and leaves are prevented from getting into the pool.

  • Sports Tarps

Large and useful on pitch. To provide protection from elements, used to cover sport field.

Tarps are extremely useful items that serve to protect objects and materials from sunlight, rain, wind, and other natural harsh conditions.

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How waterproof are canvas tarps?

Well, we can say Canvas tarps are water-resistant since they are treated with oil & wax to make them water & mildew resistant.

Thus, if canvas tarpaulins are properly angled or pitched the water tends to run or slide off the cover.

However, the tarp will begin to perspire, absorb moisture or seep if eventually water pools or collects.

What are Heavy-duty waterproof canvas tarps good for?


yellow strap on brown textile

With the core objective of covering stationary objects that needs a breathable canvas tarp fabric to protect your equipment or supplies and prevention of condensation, Canvas tarps play a good role.

On this note, they are a good tarp choice.

You should note that because of Its lower tear strength at the seams canvas tarps are not so good for covering carports, trailers, and canopies.

Are canvas tarps any good?

Due to its lightweight, rugged, and extremely flexible quality, it is an ideal material for flatbed truck tarps.

Sometimes, vinyl might not be the suitable choice of tarp – in cases like this, truckers need canvas tarps.

Due to the breathability and less abrasiveness of Canvas tarps, it makes it ideal for certain kinds of loads.

Which tarps are waterproof?

white textile on white ceramic toilet bowl

Unfortunately, the popular question – Are tarps waterproof? doesn’t have a simple answer, corresponding to the fact that there are so many different styles of tarps on the market today.

Frankly, this made it rather impossible to give this question a quick and easy response.

However, in this section of the article, we have prepared a short version of the necessary information that should be considered while validating our answer.

Note that It depends on the tarp itself. Most tarps on the market today are either water-resistant or waterproof.

More so, some of these tarps simply are not always designed for exposure to water. Meanwhile, some tarps hold up against the elements a lot better than others.

For better understanding, let’s quickly navigate a few key phrases you’ll come across

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Water-resistant: Although, tarps won’t do well against puddles or pools they will keep out splashes and sprays of water.

Water repellent: On this note, the tarp takes longer (or larger volumes) for water to soak through. It often makes it better at resisting water, even if it can still get through.

Waterproof: With this, even if that water pools up it describes a tarp that entirely keeps water out.

In these three states, either resistant, repellent, or waterproof, the fact remains that the material used in producing the tarp plays a key role in determining which class/state the tarp will be.

Though there are some exceptions to this rule on the market, usually, only heavy-duty PVC (vinyl) tarps are waterproof.

Compared with poly tarps, Multipurpose tarps, such as polyethylene and nylon tarps, often have lower resilience with water.

Although, they can still be water-resistant.

It is important to note that breathable mesh tarps are not water-resistant at all.
How long will a canvas tarp last?

Based on the study, a tarp should last for two full years once it is correctly installed If the roof’s slope is taken into consideration.

This analyzes the fact: Causing the holes under the tarp to leak, water tends to fill the low areas, right onto whatever is underneath.


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